Finding trustworthy COVID19 suppliers is hard.
So we did for you.

Bulky makes sourcing and purchasing products in
bulk from China fast, easy, and reliable.
No Unnecessary Middlemen
Only Experienced Manufacturers
Quality Products at Fair Prices
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Bulky is the largest on-demand
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qualified manufacturers.
Quality Fulfillment
All suppliers are fully
vetted and licensed for exports.
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Tell us what you need and Bulky will instantly connect your request with vetted manufacturers.
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Get qualified proposals within 24 hours. Compare bids and see detailed supplier reports so you can order with confidence.
Simplified payment and logistics
Bulky streamlines the entire bulk buying request and ordering process into just a few clicks saving you time and money.
100% Transparency
We don’t ask our customers to take a blind leap of faith - quite the opposite. You can read about our thorough screening process and standard operating procedures that make your purchasing journey completely hassle-free.
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Quality Control
Quality is the biggest concern when sourcing goods. Our manufacturers have already been vetted by experts who ensure quality and help manufacturing and logistics partners establish strict quality control measures.
  • On-Site Screenings
  • Hassle Free Process
  • Fast Fulfillment
  • One Portal for Everything
  • Detailed Reports
  • Payment Escrow Service
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On-Site Reports
Curated Manufacturers
Probably less
No Middlemen
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Direct Factory Pricing
Serving 120+ Countries
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Benefits of Bulky For Covid-19 Supply


Average Savings


Hours Saved Per Request


Vetted Suppliers

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Bulky Pro comes with a 7 day free trial
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getting basic information about suppliers.
$0 for life
plus 20% transaction fee
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1 request per month
Requests matched within 1 week
Access basic supplier information
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For businesses who want to source products
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$399 annually / $49 monthly
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5 requests per month
Requests matched within 24 hours
Access detailed supplier reports
Priority support
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