Your PPEs just
became trustworthy.
Detailed material and
product specifications
Full manufacturer and
certification information
Accurate testing and
quality control reports
PPE supply chain transparency made simple.
Bulky IDs are tied to your specs and manufacturing details, giving you
accurate information about your specific personal protective equipment.
Instant and accurate answers to all your
quality control concerns.
Every country has its own regulations, which can make it difficult for your procurement team to source products from the right manufacturer.

Bulky ID is a universal system for every type of PPE needed for COVID-19 including meltblown nonwoven, surgical face masks, isolation gowns and more.

Answer a myriad of questions about your PPEs with a simple scan of the QR code.
Gather usage insights and re-order instantly using your Bulky ID QR codes.
Get visibility into product inventory and usage. Uncover seasonal patterns, validate strategic changes, and project your needs.

Quickly rerorder products just by scanning your unique Bulky ID QR code.
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Scan this QR code using your camera app.
Bulky ID works with any iOS or Android phone.
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